What Americans Said About the Public Schools: Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup Poll Reviews 2011, With Military Families Reference

20 Sep, 2011

This summary of the 2011 Phi Delta Kappa (PDK)/Gallup Poll of attitudes toward public schools includes a finding that most Americans are unaware of efforts by schools in their communities to support students whose parents serve in the armed forces.

The poll found that of those who are aware of such efforts, more than 80 percent rate those efforts either somewhat or very effective. The poll also found that 70 percent of Americans favor the idea of charter schools and covered a variety of other issues, including teacher salaries, layoff policies, and perceptions of quality. PDK, an international association of educators, has worked with Gallup on theĀ annual poll since 1969. The 2011 findings are based on June 2011 interviews with a national sample of 1,002 American adults.