Tulsa Public Schools Collaboration Compact

This is the Tulsa, Oklahoma, charter-district collaboration compact, which was adopted and updated in 2012, and involves the city’s three charter schools. The compact, recognizing that “we have more in common than not” and that “high performing schools are not defined by their governance structure,” includes commitments on issues such as staffing, enrollment, facilities, funding, transportation, food service, and communication.

The compact includes developing a “common understanding and definition of teacher and leader effectiveness,” sharing of recruiting and professional development, and setting up salary protections for teachers into transitioning district and charter jobs. Charter schools commit to serve the “same cross-section of students in the district’s schools” and make sure policies allow for midyear-entry students. Regarding funding, the district commits to “complete transparency” in the calculation and distribution of per pupil amounts. The district also is to provide a “preferential lease rate” of 5 cents per square foot for district facilities, but custodial services, utilities, and maintenance are not included. As of October 2012, all three charter schools were leasing facilities from the district.