Troops To Teachers, Data on Charter School Hires by State and Year

Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support
29 Mar, 2011

At least 385 military personnel who have participated in the Department of Defense’s Troops To Teachers (TTT) program have gone to jobs at charter schools, according to this data table provided in March 2011 to the National Charter School Resource Center by the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES), which oversees the program. Charter schools in Texas have hired the most TTT participants, 87, followed by Arizona, 67, Colorado, 53, Florida, 34, and California, 23, according to DANTES. The data analysis might not account for all hires by charter schools because it could not be determined for 51 percent of the TTT employment records whether a charter school was involved. It is not always clear from a school’s name whether it is a charter school, and reporting requirements for participants may leave out others. TTT, established in 1994 as a Department of Defense program, has an annual budget of $14.4 million, and 12,690 military personnel have been hired as teachers through the program.