2012 Charter Schools Program Meeting of Project Directors: Non-SEA Grantees

24 Feb, 2012

On Friday February 8-9, 2012, the U.S. Department of Education hosted the 2012 Charter Schools Program Meeting of Project Directors for non-SEA grantees in Washington, DC. Copies of presentations and handouts are attached in the order listed below.


Federal Grant Compliance

  • Presentation: LaShawndra Thornton, U.S. Department of Education

WestEd Monitoring: Dissemination of Best Practices

  • Presentation: Carol Cohen & Emanda Thomas, WestEd

Board Governance

  • Presentation: Simmons Lettre & Carrie Irvin, Charter Board Partners

 Charter School Financial Management & Policy Formation

  • Presentation: Bryan Patten, EdOps

Education Evaluator Map & Arizona Charter Program School Development

  • Presentation: Andrew Collins, Arizona Charter Schools Association

Special Education: Low-Incidence Cases, School-Based Solutions, & Compliance

  • Presentation: Julie Camerata, DC Special Education Co-operative

 Learning Paths: Social Learning Model & Financial Management

  • Presentation: Frank San Felice, Network of Independent Charter Schools


Read the CSP Nonregulatory Guidance.