Two Former D.C. Public School Buildings Will Become Long-Term Homes to Charters NewsAndrew Giambrone 5 Feb, 2016 Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser announced that a pair of buildings where traditional public schools used to operate would come up for solicitation by public charter schools in... Read more
Chris Christie Continues His Fight for Charter-School Growth in New Jersey NewsMaureen Sullivan31 Jan, 2016 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, made a strong defense of charter schools in his State of the State address this month... Read more
As Charter Schools Rise, Dallas ISD Rues Loss of Students — and Millions in Funding NewsTawnell D. Hobbs21 Jan, 2016 Description: DISD’s enrollment dropped by 2,000 students this school year, at a cost of at least $10 million in state funding provided on a per-pupil basis. About half the lost... Read more
National Alliance's Annual Ranking of State Charter School Laws Shows Major Shifts NewsNational Alliance for Public Charter Schools20 Jan, 2016 Improvements to charter public school laws in several states shook up the rankings in the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools' seventh annual report examining the quality... Read more
Washington State Senate Passes Charter School Fix NewsLiv Finne20 Jan, 2016 Today the state senate voted 27 to 20 to pass E2SSB 6194, a bipartisan bill sponsored by Senator Litzow (R-Mercer Island) and Senator Mullet (D-Issaquah) to save Washington’s... Read more
Senate to Take up Charter School Reform NewsLauren Dezenski20 Jan, 2016 BOSTON — The state Senate is poised to start up another conversation on reforming the state’s charter schools, Senate president Stanley Rosenberg announced on Wednesday.
Charter school advocates launch $18 million effort NewsThe Boston Globe14 Jan, 2016 A business-backed coalition is poised to spend up to $18 million and obliterate state campaign spending records in favor of expanded charter schools, launching its efforts with... Read more
Washington Lawmakers float proposal to keep charter schools NewsThe Seattle Times14 Jan, 2016 Washington Lawmakers propose “district charter schools,” which would have more flexibility than typical schools, but answer to elected school boards.
Walton Family Foundation Pledges $1 Billion to Charter Schools NewsInside Philanthropy14 Jan, 2016 Recent volatility in the stock market has been giving investors plenty of jitters lately, but the Walton Family Foundation has no such worries about its investment in the nation's... Read more