The Walton Family Foundation provides up to $250,000 in start-up funds for organizations and founders that can prove that they have the capacity to dramatically raise the level of academic performance in targeted communities. The grant program provides financial support before, during, and up to one year into operation after the initial authorization process.

Phase I – Pre-Authorization grants are available to school developers in amounts up to $30,000 and 15 months before filing a charter application.

Phase II – Pos-Authorization grants provide up to $250,000 during the first year of operation for startup costs after a charter petition has been approved by an authorizer.

Phase III – Combination Startup grants offer a maximum of $250,000 and can be used during the first year of operation. The Walton Family Foundation requests a pre-application consultation for applicants considering this type of grant.

Public Charter Startup grants are available in the following communities:

  • Arkansas: Any District
  • Arizona: Phoenix Metro
  • California: Los Angeles Unified Districts 4-7
  • Colorado: Denver Public Schools
  • Georgia: Atlanta Public Schools
  • Illinois: Chicago Public Schools
  • Indiana: Indianapolis Public Schools
  • Louisiana: Orleans Parish
  • Michigan: Detroit Public Schools
  • Minnesota: Minneapolis Public Schools
  • Massachusetts: Boston Public Schools
  • New York: Albany Public Schools; Harlem Districts 4 & 5
  • Tennessee: Memphis Public Schools
  • Washington, D.C.: District of Columbia Public Schools
  • Wisconsin: Milwaukee Public Schools