Master Class: Parent & School Engagement for CSOs

Event Description

State-based CSOs provide a range of support to charter schools and serve as the epicenter for statewide best-practices. CSOs have a role to play in helping to empower charter schools to engage their communities towards improving student achievement. 

Parents have difficulty accessing information about charter schools that can help them make well-educated decisions about their children’s education. Parents want to choose high-quality schools, but lack the knowledge to do so. This master class addressed the information that parents need to know about quality and the role of CSOs and schools in making that information available.

When parents have sufficient information to understand the quality of schools in their community, they often begin to voice opinions about the type of education that they want for their children. Often, parents have been the driving force in new high-quality charter schools opening in their neighborhoods. This master class provided information about how organizations and schools can engage parents to initiate productive conversations around quality.


Sharhonda Bossier, Education Cities
Shanell Dunns, Black Alliance for Educational Options
Colleen Dippel, Families Empowered
Jeremiah Grace, Northeast Charter Schools Network