CSO Master Class: New School Development

Event Description

State-based charter support organizations (CSOs) provide services for charter schools, including best practices, tools, and resources to support the development of new schools in their states. CSOs have a role to play in helping create high-quality charter schools in their states.

As community groups, educators, or charter management organizations (CMOs) look to open a new charter school in a state, they look to the CSO to help with new school development. CSOs know authorizer approval processes, funding sources, and state regulations.

This master class shared a broad overview of these practices including creating a new school development pipeline, coaching new leaders, supporting planning groups, and developing a new school plan.

Mary Carmichael, Executive Director, Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina
Andrew Collins, Senior Director, New Schools For Phoenix 
Allison Jack, Director, Charter Growth and Support, Illinois Network of Charter Schools
Chris Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer, LEAD Public Schools
Jill Shahen, Senior Director of School Support, Northeast Charter Schools Network
Lori Ventimiglia, Director of New School Development, Colorado League of Charter Schools
Donna Manning, Team Leader, Office of School Transformation, South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE)
Elliot Smalley, Superintendent, South Carolina Public Charter School District