Tennessee Charter Schools

80 Charter Schools
22,565 Students in Charter Schools
1997 Year Legislation Passed

State Resources

Case Study: Camino Nuevo's Kayne Siart Campus 18 Mar, 2016 Grades Served: K-8th Number of Students: 492 % of Hispanic/Latino Students: 98% % of African-American Students: 1% % of Other Students: 1% % of English Language Learners: 44% % of... Read more
Turnaround Case Study: Cornerstone Prep 19 Jan, 2016 Grades Served: PreK-5 Number of Students: 450 % of students who receive free or reduced meals: 99% % of students with disabilities: 15% % of English learners: 5% ​​Cornerstone... Read more
Tennesse Charter School Center: State of the Sector Report ReportsTennessee Charter School Center23 Feb, 2015 A comprehensive review of the developments in Tennessee's charter space to then end of 2013-2014 school year. 
How to Start a Charter School in Tennessee Toolkits Tennessee Charter School Association18 Feb, 2015 Every state has its own specific laws detailing how to open a charter school. To find out more about the process in Tennessee, click "view resource" above.