Opening & Expanding Resources

If you are looking for a toolkit to open a school in your state, please click here and find your state's CSO (Charter Support Organization).

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White Paper: An Honest Approach to Discipline ReportsDC Public Charter School Board7 Jul, 2016 This white paper examines our approach to supporting decreased out-of-school suspension rates and highlights strategies put in place by three DC public charter school networks - Center City... Read more
July 2016 Newsletter: Discipline Resources Newsletters1 Jul, 2016 Charter School Discipline Resources for Charter School Leaders At the recent National Charter Schools Conference, hosted by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, in Nashville,... Read more
What States Can Do to Promote District-Charter Collaboration ReportsAlex Medler, Center on Reinventing Public Education30 Jun, 2016 Collaboration opens the door for charter and traditional public schools to share ideas, best practices, and buildings in ways that can make a real difference for schools and students. This... Read more
Indianapolis Mayor’s Office Case Study5 May, 2016 In 2001, at the urging of then-Mayor Bart Peterson, the Indiana legislature approved a law making Indianapolis the first U.S. city where the mayor can authorize charter schools. The... Read more
DC Public Charter School Board Case Study14 Apr, 2016 The National Charter School Resource Center (NCSRC) recently visited the DC Public Charter School Board (DC PCSB) to learn about its authorizing process, and more specifically, to... Read more