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Sonoran Science Academy, Davis-Monthan, Replication Application Summary Report

This is a summary report from the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools recommending that a replication application for a Sonoran Science Academy at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base be granted. The report includes brief information about Sonoran Science Academy-Tucson's perfomance, market analysis, governance structure and the instructional program. The Board approved the replication application, a streamlined process for "proven quality charter schools."

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Bullet Background Paper on Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Charter School

This Bullet Background Paper from Davis-Monthan Air Force Bases in Tucson, Arizona, summarizes important issues and events in the development and operation of a charter middle school on the base. The report begins with a description of a consolidation move by the Tucson Unified School District of schools it operated on the base.

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Proposal Preparation Instructions, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, School Project

This is a copy of Proposal Preparation Instructions provided by Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in connection with its work to develop a school on the base. The instructions detail requirements for information that must be submitted in three areas: the technical proposal, financial capability, and lease certification. It also details the basis for a contract award, described as providing the "best value to the government," including provisions for special education.

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Statement of Objectives, Charter Middle School, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

This Statement of Objectives for a charter middle school on Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona, outlines the project being developed, including the scope of work, performance period, technical requirements, tasks to be performed and other requirements. A charter school was started in 2009 on the Air Force Base, which provided this document.

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A Toolbox to Help Start a School on a Military Base

This toolbox, provided through Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona, where a charter school was started in 2009, offers step-by-step guidelines for considering the start-up of a school on a military base. The toolbox offers specific information about issues to consider, who should serve on project teams, examples of approvals needed, and processes.

Website | Free Tutoring Provided for Eligible Military Dependents

Through this website, eligible U.S. military families and Department of Defense civilians have unlimited access at no cost and at all times to a wide variety of support from a certified, professional tutor online, including help with homework, studying, test preparation, and resume writing. The program is provided through the Department of Defense.

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Grassroot Institute of Hawaii: Military Charter School Pilot Project

This report from the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii, covering work by the Institute from 2004-2006, outlines a proposal for a Military Charter School Pilot Program that could serve as a model for a national network of charter schools serving military children. The report provides an assessment of the education background in Hawaii, funding systems and potential reform.

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Maryland Department of Legislative Services, Fiscal and Policy Note: Public Charter Schools Located on a Military Base

This is a Department of Legislative Services analysis of the Maryland General Assembly legislation passed in 2010 that provides for an exception to the state’s open enrollment law for charter schools located on a federal military base.

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Best Cooperative Practices Charter & Traditional Public Schools: Proceedings Publication 2010

This is a compilation of charter-district collaborative practices that were featured at the September 27-28, 2010, national conference in Columbus, Ohio. The publication is available through the Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools, which hosted the event.