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Building Teacher Leaders

This online video workshop from the Panhandle Area Educational Consortium provides context for teacher leadership in schools and underscores the importance of teachers taking on leadership roles that are not necessarily administrative, such as advocacy for quality curriculum and mentoring peers. The workshop, presented by veteran educators, covers characteristics of successful teacher leaders, points out ways to recognize potential leaders, and discusses leadership styles and theories.

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Coaching Teachers to Be Leaders

This article from Education World answers some of the key questions in the field about how to cultivate and retain teacher leaders.

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Connections Academy Career Ladder Opportunities

This website explains the components and benefits of the career ladder program for teachers at Connections Academy schools, which is an online K-12 education program. Its schools include charter schools in locations around the country.

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Arizona Career Ladder Program

This brief from the Arizona Department of Education outlines the statewide teacher career ladder program including provisions for connecting teacher accountability with students' success and what it takes to participate in the program.

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Teacher Leadership as a Key to Education Innovation

This 2010 brief from the National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality describes the role of teacher leadership in improving educator quality. It provides strategies for educational leaders to develop formal teacher leadership opportunities in order to attract and retain talented teachers.

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Key Issue: Enhancing Teacher Leadership

This 2007 online searchable document from the National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality allows a user to hone in on specific processes and/or targeted resources that support or provide evidence for strategies related to educator quality. This Key Issue specifically focuses on teacher leaders, career ladders, professional growth, distributed leadership, working conditions, teacher recruitment, and teacher retention.

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Equipping Education Leaders, Advancing Ideas

This 2006 annual report from the Education Commission of the States reports on strategies for expanding practitioner careers so that they are meaningful and encourage improved effectiveness and retention in jobs.

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Charter School Special Education Cooperatives

This 2011 study from the National Charter School Resource Center focuses on the special education cooperative as a model for providing services to charter school students with disabilities. The study, conducted by researchers at American Institutes for Research, involved reviews of eight special education cooperatives serving charter schools and includes an analysis of the factors for success, descriptions of the cooperatives and their structures, as well as a table of key questions that should be considered by people who are contemplating implementing the model.

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Equity in Access to Charter Schools

In this research synthesis, the National Charter School Resource Center examines enrollment trends in charter schools and related equity issues. The research indicates where patterns of normal and hyper (or extreme) segregation exist and where the data are inconsistent to support such claims. The conclusion identifies areas for future policy research or action to address equity challenges.

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Student Achievement in Charter Schools

This brief from the National Charter School Resource Center, published in September 2010, provides guidance for practitioners and policymakers in navigating the body of recent research on student achievement in charter schools. The brief includes an accessible overview of rigorous charter school research published during the past five years and sources for additional information and summarizes research concepts that are imperative to an informed interpretation of the research findings.