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Equipping Education Leaders, Advancing Ideas

This 2006 annual report from the Education Commission of the States reports on strategies for expanding practitioner careers so that they are meaningful and encourage improved effectiveness and retention in jobs.

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Charter School Special Education Cooperatives

This 2011 study from the National Charter School Resource Center focuses on the special education cooperative as a model for providing services to charter school students with disabilities. The study, conducted by researchers at American Institutes for Research, involved reviews of eight special education cooperatives serving charter schools and includes an analysis of the factors for success, descriptions of the cooperatives and their structures, as well as a table of key questions that should be considered by people who are contemplating implementing the model.

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Equity in Access to Charter Schools

In this research synthesis, the National Charter School Resource Center examines enrollment trends in charter schools and related equity issues. The research indicates where patterns of normal and hyper (or extreme) segregation exist and where the data are inconsistent to support such claims. The conclusion identifies areas for future policy research or action to address equity challenges.

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Student Achievement in Charter Schools

This brief from the National Charter School Resource Center, published in September 2010, provides guidance for practitioners and policymakers in navigating the body of recent research on student achievement in charter schools. The brief includes an accessible overview of rigorous charter school research published during the past five years and sources for additional information and summarizes research concepts that are imperative to an informed interpretation of the research findings.

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Scaling Up High-Quality Charter Schools

How can the success of high-quality charter schools like the Harlem Success Academy be scaled up so more students can benefit from these schools of excellence? This critical question is the focus of this brief from the National Charter School Resource Center.

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Credit Enhancement Grantees

To help charter schools overcome the financial challenges that can limit their ability to lease or own an appropriate facility, the U.S. Department of Education established the Credit Enhancement for Charter School Facilities program.

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Ready and Able: Preparing Principals to Lead Our Schools

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Going Exponential: Growing the Charter School Sector’s Best

This February 2011 report from the Progressive Policy Institute and Public Impact suggests that the best charter school organizations could greatly expand their reach by adopting high growth as a top priority and using the methods of businesses that have grown dramatically.

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Measuring Up to the Model: A Ranking of State Public Charter School Laws

This January 2011 report from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools is the organization's second annual national ranking of charter school laws. The report analyzes the country’s 41 state charter laws (including Washington, D.C.), comparing them to the 20 essential components of the Alliance’s model law. The report covers the legislative actions of states in connection with the U.S. Department of Education’s Race to the Top program.

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Recruiting Teachers for Urban and Rural Charter Schools

This National Charter School Resource Center toolkit provides a range of strategies, tips, cautions, and real-life examples to guide effective recruitment of teachers to urban and rural charter schools. Links to additional resources on this topic are embedded throughout the document.