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Charter Schools and Military Communities: A Toolkit

Charter Schools and Military Communities: A Toolkit features information on charter schools serving the needs of military families and tools to help additional military communities strengthen their local school options with new charter schools.

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Charter Schools: Guidance Needed for Military Base Schools on Startup and Operational Issues

This February 2013 Government Accountability Office report reviews the operation of charter schools on military bases, including start-up, use of federal grants, preferences for admission, facilities, and base security and access for civilian members of the school community. The report, which profiles the eight charter schools in seven states that were identified as being on bases, includes recommendations for oversight and standards development for such charter schools.

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Article About Opening Day for New Charter School in a Former Naval Station Great Lakes Training Facility

This September 4, 2012, article from the Lake County News-Sun focuses on the opening day for a new charter school located in a former Naval Station Great Lakes training facility. The planned 500-student, K-8 school serving North Chicago Community Unit School District 187 is operated by the LEARN Charter School Network and has an initial enrollment of 250 students, about 40 percent from military families, according to the article.

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Report on Charter Schools on Military Installations

This August 2012 report from the U.S.Department of Defense profiles the seven charter schools located on military installations in the United States, including data about performance, demographics, and funding. The report also discusses efforts to identify locations where charter schools could improve educational opportunities for children of military families.  

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Military Dependent Students: Better Oversight Needed to Improve Services for Children With Special Needs

This September 2012 report from the Government Accountability Office examines how the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD)  provides special education through DOD schools and other entities, challenges in access to services, and how families' need for services affects where they are assigned.

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Map Showing Proposed Site for Proposed Fort Bragg (N.C.) Regional High School Charter School

This map shows the proposed site for Fort Bragg (N.C.) Regional High School, a proposed charter school, and is part of the application for approval submitted to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. The proposed site is on Fort Bragg property in a publicly accessible area.

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Fort Bragg (N.C.) Regional High School, Charter School Proposal

This proposal for a charter high school to open at Fort Bragg in August 2013 has been submitted to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. The 344-page application, on file with the department's Office of Charter Schools, provides a wide range of information about the plan for the school, including the academic program, demographics, and the proposed arrangement between the school management company and the governing board of the school.

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Illinois State Board of Education Superintendent's Order Approving Charter School Proposed for Navy Base Site

This March 15, 2012 order by Illinois State Board of Education Superintendent Christopher Koch approves a charter school proposed by LEARN Charter School Network of Chicago for a site on Naval Station Great Lakes, overturning North Chicago Community Unit School District 187's rejection of the proposal. The order explains the state's action, and provides background about the circumstances in the school district and the anticipated impact of a charter school.

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Charter Schools Possible on Fort Bragg, Downtown Fayetteville

This March 8, 2012, article from the Fayetteville (N.C.) Observer discusses the prospect of charter schools being established at the Fort Bragg military installation.

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Impact Aid Program, FY 2013 Section 8003, Application Presentation

This presentation from the U.S. Department of Education's Impact Aid Program describes the funding program that is designed to help compensate for the loss of revenue or additional responsibilities for local public schools associated with a federal presence, including tax-exempt lands and military facilities. The presentation provides information about how to apply, including sample forms and documentation requirements.