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When It Really Matters: Charter Renewal Decisions at the State University of New York

This National Association of Charter School Authorizers report details three renewal decisions undertaken by SUNY’s Charter School Institute, which administers authorizing responsibilities for 24 charter schools.

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A Cautionary Tale: School Turnarounds and Charter Leadership

This chapter in the National Charter School Research Project Center on Reinventing Public Education’s 2009 Hopes, Fears and Realities report offers what it calls “a cautionary tale” based on the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation’s experience with a charter turnaround in Dayton, Ohio, concluding that a “transformative leader who can drive key changes” is a key to successful turnaround efforts.

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Case Study: Bringing State-Funded Real Estate Expertise to the Charter School Community

This National Resource Center on Charter School Finance and Governance profile focuses on the Gaining Ground Facility Development Initiative, which provides New Jersey charter school operators with access to tools, knowledge, and resources.