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Coteaching in Physical Education: A Strategy for Inclusive Practices

This study explores the factors that informed general and adapted physical education teachers’ co-teaching practices within an inclusive high school physical education program. Findings indicated that co-teaching practices existed because of the shared values of teaching, learning, and the belief that all students should be included. Recommendations, which are relevant for PE as well as other curricular areas in charter schools, include shifting orientations within professional preparation programs to account for the social model of disability.

Case Study |

Tiered Interventions in High Schools: Using Preliminary "Lessons Learned" to Guide Ongoing Discussion

Much of our knowledge of the components of RTI and their successful implementation is based on experiences in elementary schools. However, a growing body of substantive research on secondary-level RTI and on tools for implementing RTI in high schools is becoming increasingly available. This resource documents the experiences of eight high schools that have effectively implemented components of RTI, including the challenges they faced, the strategies they used to respond to the challenges, and the resulting successes.