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School Closures and Student Achievement: An Analysis of Ohio's Urban District and Charter Schools

Closing poor-performing schools is an increasingly prevalent strategy for improving public education. And the promise of school choice is based in part on the notion that the educational market will force poor-performing schools to close. However, policymakers know little about the academic impact of closure on the students it displaces.

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Authorizing Charters: ‘Helping Mom and Pops in Ohio’

Excerpted from an upcoming book, this Fall 2010 Education Next article describes lessons learned by the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation’s half-decade of experience as an authorizer of 10 “mom and pop” charter schools in Ohio.

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A Cautionary Tale: School Turnarounds and Charter Leadership

This chapter in the National Charter School Research Project Center on Reinventing Public Education’s 2009 Hopes, Fears and Realities report offers what it calls “a cautionary tale” based on the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation’s experience with a charter turnaround in Dayton, Ohio, concluding that a “transformative leader who can drive key changes” is a key to successful turnaround efforts.