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Alternative Strategies for Identifying High Performing Charter Schools in Texas

The Obama administration's recurring policy emphasis on high-performing charter schools begs the obvious question: how do you identify a high-performing charter school?

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Replicating Quality – Policy Recommendations to Support the Replication and Growth of High-Performing Charter Schools and Networks

This January 2014 report from the National Association of Charter School Authorizers and the Charter School Growth Fund identifies a set of key policies and practices that could dramatically accelerate the replication and growth of high-performing charter schools and charter networks. 

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Supporting New Charter School Development Playbook

This toolkit from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, written by Naomi R. DeVeaux of Friends of Choice in Urban Schools (FOCUS) and Cynthia S. Millinger of Charter School Startup, outlines four areas of support that Charter Support Organizations (CSOs) can provide to the community of founding boards and educational entrepreneurs seeking to launch a charter school. The four areas of support include planning, startup, implementation, and replication.

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Wyoming Department of Education Charter School Application

This guide from the Wyoming Department of Education provides an overview of the application process for those interested in starting a charter school in the Equality State. In addition to listing important dates and required application documents, the toolkit includes a blank budget form.

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Virginia Public Charter School Application Process

This guide from the Virginia Board of Education provides a thorough review of the process to start a charter school in the Old Dominion State. In addition to the various steps required to draft and submit an application, the toolkit  lists applicable state laws and regulations.

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Tennessee Department of Education: Charter School Application Materials

This website from the Tennessee Department of Education provides information, application materials, applicable state statutes, and other resources to those interested in starting a charter school in the Volunteer State.

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Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina: Start a Charter School

This website from the Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina offers step-by-step guidance to new charter school developers in the Palmetto State. Separate pages include a to-do list, top-ten advice, links to additional resources, and information about the SC Charter School Start Up Incubator program.

Note: The initial landing page for the site contains information about membership in the Alliance. Use the drop-down menu bar under the label "Start a Charter School" to access the additional resources.

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Pennsylvania Department of Education: Charter School Procedures

This website by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, provides essential information, documents, and links to resources for those interested in starting a charter school in the Keystone State. In addition to an application package, the site includes basic education circular for brick-and-mortar charter schools and cyber charter schools.

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Oregon Public Charter School Handbook

The Oregon Department of Education published this comprehensive guide to charter schools in the Beaver State. Included is a chapter outlining the necessary steps and state policies and regulations for starting a charter school.

Update: the Oregon Public Charter School Handbook was updated April 2012

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New York City Department of Education: Developing New Charter Schools

This website by the New York City Department of Education  provides resources for developers of new charter schools in the Big Apple. The website links to important documents from the New York State Education Department and State University of New York (SUNY) Charter Schools Institute. A helpful FAQ for parents also is available.