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Standards for Highly Effective Charter School Board Governance

This pamphlet from Charter Board Partners outlines the 6 standards to achieve a highly effective charter school board. The standards “set a high bar for what charter school boards should be focusing on,” according to Charter Board Partners.

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Maximizing Effectiveness: Focusing the Microscope on Charter School Governance Boards

The National Resource Center on Charter School Finance & Governance makes a compelling case to focus on governing boards: most charter school closures are a result of challenges to finance and governance, not academic performance.  "Maximizing Effectiveness" provides a thorough yet concise review of charter school governing boards.  Topics covered include the role of a governing board, stages of board development, determining the right size of the board, composition of its members, orientation and training, and other relevant subject matter.

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Developing Training Programs for Charter School Governing Board Members: A Promising Practice Profile

Through examination of innovative practices in Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Minnesota, this guide outlines essential elements in the development of a strong charter school governing board.

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Good to Govern: Evaluating the Capacity of Charter School Founding Boards

This National Association of Charter School Authorizers issue brief identifies key characteristics of effective founding charter school boards and provides guidelines to evaluate their capacity.