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Helping English Language Learners Meet the New Common Core State Standards: What Do Charter School Educators Need to Know?

This presentation was delivered at the 2012 National Charter Schools Conference in Minneapolis. This informative session was designed to help charter school educators who do not have a great deal of experience with English language learners (ELLs) better understand the characteristics of the ELL population, what the research says about what works for ELLs, and how teachers can provide ELLs with a variety of supports to help them access grade-level academic content.

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Resources for Charter School Educators: Students With Interrupted Formal Education

The National Charter School Resource Center created this list of resources for charter school educators who would like to learn more about students with interrupted formal education (SIFEs). SIFEs are a subgroup of English language learners who have recently immigrated to the United States and, for a variety of reasons, have gaps in their formal education. Explore these resources to learn more about the unique needs of SIFEs and best practices to meet their needs.