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Over-Age, Under-Credited Students and Public Charter Schools: An Exploration of Successes, Strategies, and Opportunities for Expansion

Over-age and under- credited (OU) students are defined as not having the appropriate number of credits for their age and intended grade. A new report released today by the National Alliance for Public Charter SchoolsOur Piece of the Pie, and SIATech examines how public charter schools are taking a leading role in serving these students who have fallen behind in school or dropped out altogether.&nbsp

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Making School Choice Work

School choice is increasingly the new normal in urban education. But in cities with multiple public school options, how can civic leaders create a choice system that works for all families, whether they choose a charter or district public school?

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Replicating Quality – Policy Recommendations to Support the Replication and Growth of High-Performing Charter Schools and Networks

This January 2014 report from the National Association of Charter School Authorizers and the Charter School Growth Fund identifies a set of key policies and practices that could dramatically accelerate the replication and growth of high-performing charter schools and charter networks. 

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Back to School Tallies: Estimated Number of Public Charter Schools & Students, 2013-2014

Each year, the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools contacts state departments of education and state charter school associations to obtain lists of new and closed charter schools for the academic year. The numbers presented in this report are estimates.

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Measuring Up to the Model: A Ranking of State Charter School Laws, 2014

This January 2014 report from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools is the organization's fifth annual national ranking of charter school laws. This report evaluates each state’s charter school law against the 20 essential components of a strong public charter school law. These 20 components are drawn from National Alliance’s A New Model Law For Supporting The Growth Of High-Quality Public Charter Schools.

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Common Core State Standards Resource List

The implementation of the rigorous, research-based, globally-benchmarked Common Core State Standards will significantly impact the curriculum, instruction, assessment and resources of charter schools.

The National Charter School Resource Center has developed a resource list for charter schools looking for assistance in implementing the Common Core standards and assessments resources.

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Virtual Schools: Assessing Progress and Accountability