Accountability in Action: A Comprehensive Guide to Charter School Closure 2012

Toolkit Details

Author: National Association of Charter School Authorizers
Published: August 2014
Focus Areas: Authorizing

This 2012 updated charter school closure guide from the National Association of Charter School Authorizers provides detailed information about procedures, case studies, a sample closure plan and checklist, and sample letters to various constituencies. The 90-page guide has nine chapters: Why Good Authorizers Should Close Bad Schools; Using Performance Frameworks for Strong Accountability; Planning and Managing School Closure: Timing, Process, and Appeals; Preventing Mid-Year Closure; Reaching Closure Decisions: The Roles of Authorizing Boards and Staff; Supporting Students and Families through the Closure Transition; Navigating the Closure Process; Message Matters in Closure Decisions; and Using Default Closure Policies to Strengthen Accountability.