Resource Center Webinar Series to Focus on Facilities Development

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Posted: April 17, 2013

The National Charter School Resource Center will host a series of four interactive webinars  designed to provide information critical to the complex task of designing, financing and implementing charter school facilities projects.

The Charter School Facilities Institute Series will start May 29, 2013, with Great School Spaces, which will include examples of innovative charter school facilities.

The June 5, 2013, webinar, Planning for Your Charter School Facility, will feature a discussion with veteran charter school facility planners who will share their experiences and tools for choosing sites and selecting design options.

The June 12, 2013, webinar, Financing Your Charter School Facility, will identify and explain available financing sources and provide a roadmap for managing the financing process.

The webinar series will end June 19, 2013, with Charter School Predevelopment and Construction Management, which will focus on how to select and work with a project development team, including methods to keep to timetables and budgets.

All of the webinars in the series will be 3 to 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

There is no fee for webinar participation. Please register.

The Resource Center also will host an in-person session about facilities development at the 2013 National Charter Schools Conference.