New White Papers Offer Practical Guidance on City-Based Strategies for Charter School Development

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Three new white papers produced with the support of the National Charter School Resource Center (Resource Center) and the U.S. Department of Education’s Charter Schools Program focus on improving city-based strategies for supporting development of high-quality charter schools

Authored by Public Impact, a national education policy and management consulting firm based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the white papers offer practical approaches for city-based organizations seeking to support creation of high-quality charter schools and development of talent pipelines, as well as guidance for prospective investors.

The white papers provide deeper information about key issues raised at a May 2011 conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, that was hosted by the Resource Center and the U.S. Department of Education and focused on city-based charter school strategies.

Incubating High-Quality Charter Schools: Innovations in City-Based Organizations explores how the members of a national network of city-based organizations—the Cities for Education Entrepreneurship Trust—are using one promising approach to creating high-quality school options: incubating charter school leaders.

Developing Education Talent Pipelines for Charter Schools: A Citywide Approach explores how New Orleans and Indianapolis are developing robust talent pipelines to expand the supply of effective charter school teachers and leaders in their cities.

Developing City-Based Funding Strategies: Investments to Create a Robust Charter Sector explores four questions philanthropies should consider as they decide where and how to make strategic investments in their local charter sector that will yield the greatest impact.