Four Charter Schools Make U.S. News Top 20 High Schools Nationwide

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Posted: May 8, 2012

Four charter schools are among the top 20 high schools in the country, according to a U.S. News analysis and rankings published May 8, 2012.

The top four charter schools and their national rankings are BASIS Tucson of Arizona, 6; Pacific Collegiate School of Santa Cruz, California, 8; Sturgis Charter Public School of Hyannis, Massachusetts, 15; and Northcoast Preparatory and Performing Arts Academy of Arcata, California, 18. A breakout of rankings and additional data for charter schools is provided.

The rankings include data from nearly 22,000 public high schools from 49 states and the District of Columbia, according to U.S. News, which said Nebraska did not report enough data to be included. Nebraska does not have a law allowing charter schools.