Posted: July 1, 2014

Charter School Capital has developed a $500 million program to help charter schools nationwide secure facilities that meet the growing needs of charter schools.

Posted: May 21, 2013

In this article, Robert Slavin discusses how IDEA Public Schools is effectively scaling up their organization, in part by working with traditional school districts in Texas.

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Posted: June 17, 2011

In this article, Bill Kurtz highlights how Denver Public Schools and the charter schools in its portfolio district serve as a model for collaboration in education.

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Posted: August 20, 2014

This article highlights how five former Minneapolis Public School (MPS) buildings are now being used by high-performing charter schools. 

Posted: September 15, 2014

This article highlights Cleveland Metropolitan School District's compact with local charter schools and its award for the compact from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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Posted: January 29, 2014

To support its goal of providing every student with a high-quality public education that prepares them for success in college and career, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation released grants totaling $500,000 to five cities where public charter and district schools are committed to working together to support student success: Aldine (TX), Lawrence (MA), San Jose (CA), Spokane (WA) and Tulsa (OK) in January.

Posted: November 18, 2014

The U.S. Department of Education announces the publication of its Notice of Proposed Priorities, Requirements, Definitions, and Selection Criteria (NPP) for the Charter Schools Program (CSP) Grants to State educational agencies (SEA).

Posted: November 17, 2014

This report by CRPE highlights the challenges surrounding the fact that choice-based enrollment is outpacing neighborhood-based enrollment in Detroit, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

Posted: November 13, 2014

In this article published by Edutopia, author Mark Phillips discusses some of the misconceptions surrounding charter schools and explains the facts surrounding the issues.

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