Charter School Exemplary Collaboration Grants Awarded for Projects Totaling $1.2 Million

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Posted: October 3, 2012
Focus Areas: Collaboration

Seven grants totaling more than $1.2 million have been awarded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Charter Schools Program to support collaboration amoung public charter schools, traditional public schools, and school districts.

The first Charter School Exemplary Collaboration awards program  “encourages high-quality charter schools, traditional public schools and school districts to share resources and responsibilities, build trust and teamwork, boost academic excellence, and provide students and their parents with a range of effective educational options,” according to the announcement.

Award recipients and project descriptions provided by the Department include:

  • Arts and College Preparatory Academy, Ohio, to expand the Equality Project at Arts and College Prep to nonchartered public schools to improve their school climates by using theater to encourage conversation about bullying, exclusion, inequality, and social justice. $102,900
  • Boston Collegiate Charter School, Massachusetts, to expand the partnership with Jeremiah E. Burke High School, a Boston public school, to improve its academic program and culture and raise its graduation rate. Boston Collegiate will share its online portal with Burke to identify students' academic weaknesses and provide remediation. $203,800
  • Community Day Charter Public School, Massachusetts, to expand a partnership with Arlington Elementary School in Lawrence by providing a range of services including professional development for teachers, increased outreach, and support for neighborhood families. $199,963
  • Highlander Charter School, Rhode Island, to expand Highlander's school-based literacy reform program in East Providence elementary schools. Train teachers in effective assessment in order to provide frequent student assessments, identify individual areas of weakness, and target remedial efforts. $169,680
  • IDEA Public Schools, Texas, to develop a partnership between two Austin schools—IDEA Allan and nearby Eastside Memorial High School. IDEA will work with Eastside school leadership on projects focused on student achievement and will help to create a neighborhood high school with the academic rigor needed to prepare students for college and careers. $199,962
  • Jumoke Academy Schools, Connecticut, to collaborate with Thurman L. Milner School, a Hartford Pre K-8 school. This partnership includes: (1) developing a plan to engage Milner parents; (2) improving the school environment by addressing non-academic factors such as students' social, emotional, arts, cultural, recreational and health needs, among others; (3) using Jumoke's model for effective school leadership; (4) providing teacher and staff support; (5) making effective use of school time; (6) implementing an effective curriculum and instructional program; and (7) using data to inform decision-making. $200,000
  • KIPP Metro Atlanta Collaborative, Georgia, which will partner with B.E.S.T. Academy Middle School at Benjamin S. Carson (the Academy), an all-boys' school within Atlanta Public Schools, to implement strategies for improving student achievement and to develop a positive school climate at the Academy. This effort will increase student support for higher expectations, improve student attendance and discipline, provide professional development for teachers, and allow the principal to complete the KIPP School Leadership Principal Prep Program. $160,000