$3 Million Slated for Federal Charter School Start-Up, Dissemination Grants

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Posted: April 18, 2012

The U.S. Department of Education has announced two Charter Schools Program grant competitions to support new charter school development and dissemination of programs, with total funding of up to $3 million, according to an April 2012 announcement by the Department.

Non-SEA Planning, Program Design, and Implementation grants support planning, designing, and initial implementation of charter schools.  Non-SEA Dissemination grants can be used by charter schools to help other schools adapt the charter school's program, or aspects of the program, or to disseminate information about the school.

Fifteen to 19 grants are expected, with $175,000 per year up to three years as the average award, according to the announcement. Applications are due June 6, 2012. A series of webinars are scheduled to provide additional information.

For questions, please contact LaShawndra Thornton at lashawndra.thornton@ed.gov or at 202-453-5617.