Rhode Island

19 Charter Schools
5,950 Students in Charter Schools
1995 Year Legislation Passed

State Resources

How to Start a Charter School in Rhode Island ToolkitsRhode Island League of Charter Schools18 Feb, 2015 Every state has its own specific laws detailing how to open a charter school. To find out more about the process in Rhode Island, click "view resource" above.
The Charter School Facility Landscape in Rhode Island ReportsThe Rhode Island League of Charter Schools, the Colorado League of Charter Schools, and the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools 5 Jan, 2015 This report details the status of charter school facilities in Rhode Island.  
Charter School Facilities Initiative | Initial Findings from Twelve States ReportsCharter School Facilities Initiative28 Aug, 2014 Charter schools across the nation struggle with inadequate and costly facilities. Recognizing the need for accurate facilities-related data, the Colorado League of Charter... Read more
National Charter School Study 2013 ReportsCenter for Research on Education Outcomes25 Jun, 2013 This June 2013 report from the Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) at Stanford University provides analyses of charter school performance in 25 states and the... Read more