Seven Charter Schools Win 2013 Green Ribbon Schools Awards

Seven charter schools won 2013 Green Ribbon Schools awards, the U.S. Department of Education announced April 22, 2013:

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When Charter Schools and Non-Chartered Schools Work Together: A Grant to Encourage Collaboration

This April 2013 article provides highlights and lessons from discussions and presentations at a meeting of recipients of the U.S. Department of Education's Charter Schools Program 2012 Charter School Exemplary Collaboration Award. The report includes information from collaborations in Boston, Massachusetts; Hartford, Connecticut; East Providence, Rhode Island; and Columbus, Ohio.

Charter Schools Among Winners of New 'Farm to School' Grants

Charter schools are among the recipients of new U.S. Department of Agriculture grants to link school meal programs with local farms.

Charter School Exemplary Collaboration Grants Awarded for Projects Totaling $1.2 Million

Seven grants totaling more than $1.2 million have been awarded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Charter Schools Program to support collaboration amoung public charter schools, traditional public schools, and school districts.

Evaluating Teacher Effectiveness in Charter Schools: Exploring Initiatives to Develop and Reward Excellent Teachers

The National Charter School Resource Center hosted a webinar April 18, 2012, which explored the exemplary teacher evaluation system that has been developed at Achievement First charter schools. Our featured presenter was  Sarah Coon, Senior Director of Talent Development at Achievement First and the lead for its Teacher Career Pathway initiative.

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The Approval Barrier to Suburban Charter Schools

This 2002 report from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute focuses on conditions in four states that have influenced the development of charter schools in suburban communities. The context for charter schools in suburban Colorado, New Jersey, and Connecticut is described and then compared to conditions in Illinois. The report by Pushpam Jain of the University of Maine covers the role of laws, parents, state agency support, and the impact of issues such as desegregation.

Connecticut Charter School Student Gains, On Average, Outpace District, State, Says Charter Group Analysis

Annual improvement in math and reading proficiency for students in Connecticut charter schools, on average, is outpacing gains for students in host district schools, according to an analysis of state standardized test scores by the Connecticut Charter School Network.

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Achievement First: Developing A Teacher Performance Management System that Recognizes Excellence

This March 2011 report from The Aspen Institute Education & Society Program provides an extensive description of the Achievement First charter school network’s system for managing the performance of teachers.

Charter Network's Teacher Evaluation System Highlighted in Aspen Institute Report

A March 2011 report from The Aspen Institute provides an extensive description of the Achievement First charter school network’s new system for managing the performance of teachers. The report, Achievement First: Developing a Teacher Performance Management System that Recognizes Excellence, includes the school’s Essentials of Effective Instruction and a copy of the Professional Growth Plan and outlines the stages of teacher career development, including salary ranges.

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Hartford District-Charter Collaboration Compact

Hartford, Conn., was among nine cities across the country where leaders signed agreements to work on collaboration between charter and traditional schools as part of an initiative supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. A copy of Hartford's agreement, Hartford District-Charter Collaboration Compact, was provided to the National Charter School Resource Center by the Hartford Public Schools. The agreements were announced in December 2010.

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