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Credit Enhancement Webinar Six: May 2015 Workshop Preparation Webinar4 May, 2015 The sixth of six credit enhancement webinars covered: - Credit Enhancement Program updates - Credit Enhancement data analysis - Credit Enhancement feasibility report update - Credit... Read more
April 2015 Newsletter: Finding Space: Analyzing Charter School Facilities Publication22 Apr, 2015 Analysis of California’s Charter School Facility Landscape California charter schools span the state from Southern California and Greater Los Angeles to the Bay Area and the North Coast. As... Read more
Credit Enhancement Webinar Five: Collaboration to Enhance Facility Financing Webinar24 Feb, 2015 On February 24, 2015, Safal Partners hosted the fifth webinar in our Credit Enhancement Webinar Series. The fifth webinar in our Credit Enhancement Series focused on illustrating real-life... Read more
Is the Quality of Charter School Facilities Related to Student Performance? PublicationColorado League of Charter Schools & the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools20 Feb, 2015   This report details the effects of facilities in charters' student performance.
Nevada Charter Schools: Improving Access to Categorical & Facilities Funding PublicationGuinn Center17 Dec, 2014 The Nevada Plan for school finance is the main funding source for operations for school districts and charter schools. There are also State and Federal categorical grants, which provide... Read more