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Separation of Church and School: Guidance for Public Charter Schools Using Religious Facilities ToolkitsLisa Scruggs, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools23 Jul, 2015 This report discusses the need to protect access to facilities to ensure continued charter school growth and quality. The primary aim is helping public charter school attorneys understand... Read more
Credit Enhancement Webinar: May 2015 Workshop Preparation Webinar4 May, 2015 The sixth of six credit enhancement webinars covered: - Credit Enhancement Program updates - Credit Enhancement data analysis - Credit Enhancement feasibility report update - Credit... Read more
April 2015 Newsletter: Finding Space: Analyzing Charter School Facilities Newsletters22 Apr, 2015 Analysis of California’s Charter School Facility Landscape California charter schools span the state from Southern California and Greater Los Angeles to the Bay Area and the North Coast. As... Read more
State Policy Snapshot: School District Facilities and Public Charter Schools ReportsRuss Simnick, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools 1 Apr, 2015 One of the greatest challenges to the health of the public charter school movement is access to adequate facilities in which the schools operate. Public charter school facilities are rarely... Read more
Finding Space: Charters in District Facilities ReportsJim Griffin, Leona Christy and Jody Ernst9 Mar, 2015 Accessing affordable facilities has long been identified as one of the most significant challenges facing charter schools. In response to this challenge, an array of policy and market-based... Read more